Your First Visit

A Sliding Scale of $45-$75 For Your First Time Visit. You Choose The Value of Your Session. (Includes Consultation, Stress Assessment & 1st Brain Reboot)

Prepaid Visits

These packages are available for those who wish to effectively return to a profound state of balance, which takes a commitment of 6 weeks to 3 months, 2-3 alignments per week

1 Visit

$50per session
  • 1 visit
  • Unlimited “reboots” per visit
  • Valid at any location

5 Visits

$200$40 per session
  • 5 visits
  • Unlimited “reboots” per visit
  • Valid at any location
  • A 20% Savings

10 Visits

$350$35 per session
  • 10 visits
  • Unlimited “reboots” per visit
  • Valid at any location
  • A 30% Savings

20 Visits

$650$32.50 per session
  • 20 visits
  • Unlimited “reboots” per visit
  • Valid at any location
  • A 35% Savings

Have Table. Will Travel.

For many who travel very far distances to get Brain Balance care, you can now get David Bransky to come to you. Below are some of the rates that enable you to have an afternoon of multiple Reboots for you, your friends, colleagues, church, neighbors, family and business staff.

  • $150 for 2 adults and kids (within the Los Angeles city limits)
  • $40/Person with a minimum of 10 people
  • $35/Person with a minimum of 20 people
  • $1,000 for the day for 30 people and above.

*Allow at least 1 hour for every 10 people to receive their “Reboots” during these events.

Couples 11 Minute Strength Training Program $180

(An hour long session where both participants receive a Brain Reboot before and after their session. Personal instruction is given as both people involved practice not only performing the 11 minute workout on their partner but receiving in turn as well.) Ask for further details and expect incredible results. This workout is to be performed twice per week for 10 weeks to achieve optimum muscular growth. The workout can also be instructed via Skype or FaceTime.